Health Care Overhaul?

January 2, 2009

This post is the result of a comment I made in response to an article published by the Charleston Regional Business Journal.

The health care system, as we know it, will cease to exist in coming years. The forces of destruction, innovation and recreation have been mobilized and cannot be turned back. Our opportunity during this time of uncertainty is to redesign health-care completely from the inside-out. The first priority should be to provide quality and access to all Americans. As a nation, we can choose to pay for citizens to be healthy or we can pay for citizens to be sick. This is not a matter of free enterprise vs. socialized medicine; it is a matter of our international competitiveness. Healthy citizens contribute to wealth creation and enhance social capital.

Currently corporations, saddled with an ever increasing health care burden, experience a significant competitive disadvantage; and aspiring entrepreneurs, when faced with the health-care issue, become reluctant to start new firms. Our economic future depends on our ability to deal with this problem.

The primary obstacles to reform will be entrenched institutions that profit from inefficiency and lack of competition, as well as those individuals satisfied with paying a premium for substandard outcomes. In reality, the current system is unsustainable…the question is: “who will give up a piece of their empire to make it better”?

Your thoughts?